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Ok finished episode 2

What the fuck was that conversation between Lecter’s therapist and Will? What the flying fuck I almost pissed my pants because I thought she was going to fucking eat his face off. Nah jk I just thought she was sexually attracted to him
The whole friendship of Hannibal and Will still is somewhat odd to me. Hannibal never stuck to me as someone that was in dire need of recognizement or compassion, but I can see it just being an excuse of him to play inocent with Will and the others. This is backed up with the picture he showed him. I think Hannibal is trying to convince the faggot that HE IS paranoid with his presence. 

Really liked the moment between Hannibal and the other killer. I don’t know if Hannibal’s God talk was still something he would say just to confort the killer or if he actually really believes it, or even if he just enjoys religion because of heavy symbolism and all the things attatched to it. 

Finally, Hannibal cooking to the sound of Fur Elise is the hoTTEST THING FUCKING EVER 

onto episode 3